The ABCs of the Army

If you were wondering how my publishing journey began, well…Team Cordova was at Fort Belvoir, VA for four months.  Typically when Chris is on temporary orders, we do not accompany him.  This time we did with the intentions of "there's always a possibility of deploying" after Fort Belvoir.  One particular night in December, Kylee picked out four ABC books for me to read to her.  While reading, it occurred to me that we don’t have a book of Army terms…and BOOM!  The ABCs of the Army was imagined and within eleven months published!

Although The ABCs of the Army is labeled as a children’s book, it is perfect for a Veteran, Army family or fans alike.  Each letter gives you a beautifully illustrated glimpse of Army terms and a bit of humor from a child’s perspective.   

As a military family, anything may occur unexpectedly.  For us, on July 7, 2016 (amongst many things), Chris was tasked for a nine-month deployment to begin August 12th-with just a four weeks notice!  Luckily, we got to spend an extra week with him but said, "see you later daddy" on August 19th.  A few of the letters in my book resonate with our current Army life-“D”, “F” and “Y”.

I have to admit, this book is a blessing in disguise.  I wrote this book for many reasons through the eyes of my little girls, and ours, and I hope you enjoy your copy when you receive it!  Please checkout The ABCs of the Army's SNEAK PEEK on my GALLERY section.